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What North Olmsted Residents Can Expect During a Dental Cleaning

North Olmsted residents receive comprehensive care when they put their trust in our Advanced Dental Care & Aesthetics team. Our dental cleanings follow five main steps: 

  1. A comprehensive dental exam: During dental exams, our dentists thoroughly check a patient’s teeth and gums for any potential dental issues. This process includes screening for oral cancer. 
  2. Imaging: Patients experiencing tooth discomfort or pain may benefit from imaging. Using low-powered X-rays, our dentists evaluate your overall dental health. 
  3. Plaque and tartar removal: This process involves gently scraping away any tartar or plaque on your teeth.
  4. Enamel polishing: This step eliminates remaining deposits using paste and a motorized brush. 
  5. A professional flossing service: Your dentist will professionally floss your teeth while providing you with flossing and general dental care tips at home. 

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