Dental Sealants

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Our dentists start by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of teeth, applying a bonding gel, and applying the dental sealants into the groves, cracks, and crevices of your child’s teeth. Sealant is long-lasting, but your child should revisit our office throughout their childhood as their permanent teeth come in. 

Taking Care of Your North Olmsted Dental Sealants

It’s important to remember that dental sealants aren’t a replacement for proper oral hygiene. Molar teeth start to appear in many children around age six, which is when we recommend applying dental sealants. 

While dental sealants help prevent dental decay, flossing and brushing at least twice daily is still essential for combating cavities. 

The best way to prevent tooth decay is by carefully monitoring your child’s flossing and brushing habits and visiting the dentist every six months. Doing so also sets a standard for your child to follow as they grow older. 

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