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The Inlays & Onlays Procedure Process

Inlays & onlays closely resemble dental crowns. However, the main difference is that our dentists recommend inlays and onlays when a patient has a healthy tooth structure that doesn’t require crowns. 

After determining that you’re a good candidate, the procedure follows six steps:

  1. Your dentist rigorously cleans your teeth, removing any decay. 
  2. The area requiring treatment receives local numbing anesthesia. 
  3. Your dentist sends your tooth impression to the lab to create a customized onlay or inlay. 
  4. A temporary cover protects your tooth from damage. 
  5. The permanent inlay or onlay replaces your temporary cover and cements to your teeth.
  6. Your dentist polishes and smoothes out your inlay or onlay, ensuring a perfect fit. 

The composite material composing inlays & onlays is durable but requires care. Proper oral hygiene ensures your treatment results last for decades.

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