Sedation Dentistry

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North Olmsted Sedation Dentistry

Advanced Dental Care & Aesthetics proudly serves the North Olmsted community. We want to help you take control of your oral health and boost your smile and confidence. To create a more relaxing appointment, we offer sedation dentistry.

Signs a patient is an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry include: 

  • Dental anxiety or fears
  • Low tolerance for pain
  • Requires multiple dental procedures and sessions
  • Have a condition that makes it challenging to sit for an extended amount of time

Conscious Sedation

Our sedation dentistry treatments also include conscious sedation. Patients who are very nervous, tense, or anxious take anti-anxiety medication an hour before visiting our office. 

This medication prescribed by our staff ensures our patients remain calm and comfortable throughout their dental treatment. In addition, conscious sedation allows us to communicate with our patients throughout the visit verbally. 

We ensure everyone receives a customized dosage to dramatically reduce fears or anxiety while minimizing discomfort during and after the dental treatment. 

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Unfortunately, patients with issues like dental anxiety remain less likely to set foot in a dental office, leading to neglected dental health. At Advanced Dental Care & Aesthetics, we want every North Olmsted resident to receive the necessary dental care they deserve. 

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