My husband and I recently moved back to the Fairview Park/North Olmsted area so we needed a dental practice. Absolutely awesome experience. Jen the Dental Assistant was great explaining what she was doing and making me feel comfortable and has a great sense of humor. I have to admit, I’ve never had a dental intake interview. “Best dental experience, worst, what are you looking for in a dental team, how can we help you achieve your dental goals, etc” but it was kind of cool that the staff takes their care for their patients to the next level. You can also tell the people who work there genuinely get along which only makes the patient experience better. I believe my dental hygienist was Brooke (I’m so bad with names…) and she was so conversational and easy to listen and speak with. Dr. Irizarry was welcoming, charismatic, and did an excellent job explaining things as she went. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been at a dentist where I’m just sitting there looking around as people are looking in my mouth wondering why they are doing something. Lindsay checked me out from my appt and was extremely accommodating and friendly. Even though I have little to no anxiety about coming to the dentist, I can see how this would be the go-to place for someone who has dental anxiety based on how the people there make you feel. Thanks again