I don’t know where to begin. I guess from the start..My first phone call when searching for a dentist that could perform the necessary things I needed with my teeth combined with my anxiety of past encounters at the dentist. I can’t remember her name, and I’m sorry for that, but she not only made me feel comfortable about booking an appointment, but took the time to explain to me their process which could’ve waited until I was there. There was so much comfort in that knowing what to expect prior to sitting in the chair.

First visit, I needed some serious work done. The embarrassment was obvious, but the kind staff made me feel comfortable and welcome in my decision to fix my teeth and my smile. Never once did I feel any judgment from the staff about my teeth or my decision to get put to sleep for my extensive work.

Each visit to this day (about 10 or so visits) I have felt more and more comfortable about my appointments and look forward to my encounters with them. There’s not an visit that the front desk doesn’t smile when I enter, talk with me a bit instead of having me just sit and wait. The assistant, who probably spend the most time naturally with me, always remembers our previous conversations and checks up on things we have spoken about in the past. Then the dentist, the one who has all the ability to ruin the encounter, but doesn’t. Every time in the office, the dentist greets me, asks how I’m feeling, talks with me a bit, makes sure I’m fully aware of everything that he is going to be doing, talks with me while doing it, jokes and makes the encounter as easy going as the dentist could make it.

I guess more importantly for me, is the respect all of the members I’ve mentioned show day in and day out. They don’t have to do many of the things I’ve briefly mentioned, yet they do each and every visit. I’ve been asked about my day, my job, my pets, my family, my overall health, my hobbies, my tattoos, etc. They’ve told me to take my time before leaving if I needed a minute to gather myself, they’ve asked if I wanted walked out to my car, they’ve asked if I needed a few minutes before next steps of the process. I could go on and on, but by now anyone reading should understand. This place is second to none, top to bottom. I never thought I’d ever develop this kind of a relationship with the dentist, but here I am.

If you’re looking for a dentist, look no further, this is the absolute best option there is…

Thank you for all that you do for all your patients. I know I’m not alone.