Wallace Lake

Wallace Lake

In Ohio you have a lot of options for fishing. In addition to lakes, which are plentiful in the state, there are many rivers and streams that are great for catching fish as well. One activity that is unique to the Buckeye State is ice fishing. In fact, it is one of our favorite ways to spend time in the winter. There are several lakes throughout the state that offer opportunities for ice fishing. One such lake is Wallace Lake in Berea, OH. Here we’ll tell you more about this lake, including what’s good about it, what kind of fish you can expect to catch there, and how much it costs to ice fish at Wallace Lake. You can visit this amazing attraction in Wallace Lake Dr, Berea, OH 44017.

How to Ice Fish at Wallace Lake Park

Wallace Lake is a man-made, impoundment lake located in the city of Berea, Ohio. It is located next to Wallace Lake Park, which is one of the main attractions of the area. The park features two pavilions, a playground, and a picnic area. There is also a fishing pier, an aquatic trail, and a boat launch. In the winter, Wallace Lake is a great place to go ice fishing. There are two main ice fishing areas on Wallace Lake. The first is closer to the boat ramp, where the water is deeper and the ice is thicker. The second is by the fishing pier, where the ice is thinner and more vulnerable to melting. Back to home.

What You’ll Need for Ice Fishing at Wallace Lake Park

The first thing you’ll need to do when you’re ice fishing at Wallace Lake is to get yourself a fishing license. You can get your license at one of the local license vendors or online. If you don’t have a fishing license yet, you can get a three-day license for $5, and a $10 daily fishing license. You’ll also need a license to ice fish. You can get a five-day license for $5 online or at one of the local license vendors. You can also purchase a season pass online or at one of the license vendors for $30. Once you have your license and a license to ice fish, you’re ready to head out on the ice. You can also go with a friend to help share the cost of the ice fishing supplies.

Tips for Successful Ice Fishing at Wallace Lake Park

– Dress appropriately. You’ll need gloves and boots or shoes that have good traction, along with warm clothing. Clothing that is too thin will get easily chilled and cause you to shiver. – Find a good place to cast your line. You don’t want to cast where there are people or trees because you want to get your line out of the way as quickly as possible. – Check your line frequently. Once you’ve cast your line, make sure to check your reel every couple of minutes to see if there are any bites. If your line is bumping along the bottom and you don’t get any bites, try a different location. – Filter your drinking water. Many municipalities require it, but it’s still a good idea to get yourself a filter for your ice fishing equipment. – Avoid eating heavy meals beforehand. This will make it harder for you to concentrate on ice fishing, and could lead to you dropping your line or getting tangled in it. – Keep a journal of your day’s catch or catch location. This way you can make corrections and improvements as you continue to ice fish at Wallace Lake.


Wallace Lake is a great place to ice fish in the winter. If you’re looking for a place to get out on the ice and catch some fish, Wallace Lake is a great option. It’s a man-made lake that is easy to get to, has a variety of fish to catch, and is a relatively inexpensive activity to get into. This lake is a great place to practice your ice fishing skills, and has a number of species that are easy to catch. With these tips and some basic ice fishing gear, you’ll be able to enjoy a day of ice fishing at Wallace Lake. Next blog post

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